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Welcome to “What’s on Your Stove?”

“What’s on Your Stove?“ came about on a country drive with a friend and we saw a sign, “Country Fresh Eggs For Sale”.  We took the Blanco River Road Exit and continued along the side of the beautiful river looking for more egg signs. Once we found the house with eggs for sale, we pulled in and I said “ I wonder what’s on their stove?”  We were starving!  I walked up to the humble little home to buy eggs and I really was going to ask if they answered “So what’s cooking on your stove?”. Unfortunately, no one was home.  We continued on our beautiful country drive talking about what a great idea, “What’s on Your Stove?”  How much fun it would be to knock on complete strangers’ doors and say “Hi, I’m Lana and I was wondering, “What’s on Your Stove?”

Here we are, going for it!  Come along with us as we film adventures with “What’s on your Stove?“ to capture traditions, recipes and enjoy meeting real folks cooking in their own kitchens and sharing fantastic stories.


"What's On Your Stove?" is Dedicated in
Loving Memory to Lisa Gandy Whitworth and Pauline Rector.

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